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{February 12, 2010}   *Project #1*

          While shooting photos for our first project in Digital Media Convergence, I encountered several problems, but I was able to overcome these and I believe I ended up with some pictures that I’m very proud of.

          One of the main problems that came up while shooting for this project was the weather. I first rented a camera on Tuesday morning, but shortly after I started taking pictures, it started raining, and I had to return the camera. I decided to try again on Thursday morning, and thankfully, the weather was decent enough to work with.

          The next issue that presented itself was the issue of lighting. When taking pictures on Thursday, the sun was shining, and many of my earlier photos had some exposure problems. It was hard to judge which settings I should use on the camera in such a small amount of time, so I had to adjust for that. Some of my pictures were too light, and some were too dark, but the majority of them came out well. While the lighting being too bright was the problem most of the time I was shooting, in some instances, I also had a problem with the lighting being too dark. One of the shots that I really liked was too dark no matter what I changed the settings too, but in the end, the photo came out really well, and the darkness worked for it.

          Another major problem for me while shooting was that I didn’t feel comfortable asking people that I didn’t know to pose for me, so most of my shots ended up being from a distance. While this didn’t give me much variety in my photos, I was really happy with it. Because the pictures were taken from afar, I got a good amount of landscape in all of the shots, and landscapes are my favorite subjects to shoot.

          All in all, I was extremely happy with the photos that I took for this first project. I look forward to learning more about good photography and to improving in the future.


The intricacy of the trees in this image really caught my eye. Improving the white balance would make this picture even better.

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I really like how creative you were with this picture. Taking it almost through the trees and seeing the people in the background really caught my eye and made me want to look even deeper into the photo. I think one thing which could have made it even better is the lighting. It seems almost washed out in some areas. But overall its a neat photo!

You must have an amazing amount of patience to wait for this picture. They are lined up perfectly and it is a great shot! To make this picture better I would work on the white balance, but other than that it is extremely creative

michiyaenglish says:

This picture gives you the feeling of someone watching a happy couple walking and admiring them from a distance. I love it and the fact that you were able to create a frame within a frame only adds to the beauty of it.

ahad47 says:

I really like the lines in this photo, of both the trees and the shadows. The white balance looks a little bit off, but that is something that can be easily fixed!

I love the shot through the trees. I also had similar shots to that so im glad to see that someone else decided to use it. It looks a little green though but very creative shot!

This picture is so unique! The frame within a frame is really cool. The only thing that I would change is the white balance.

kobrien6 says:

I love the trees and that the people aren’t the large focus, but the white balance is a tricky thing that can mess up a great picture. Good job!

Sarah Carideo says:

I like how you captured a major aspect of Elon’s campus that is often taken for granted, while still including people in the picture. By framing them within the tree you really showed the dynamism between the students and nature at Elon. In my opinion, if the coloring had been slightly better this picture would have been one of the best executed pictures of this assignment.

astevens7 says:

I like how you got the people right between the tree. This was a great idea. I would just work on white balance a little more.

The shot through the trees make you seem sneaky. I like it. Colors and light are really cool. Maybe a little over exposed.

I like how you framed the picture and I like how the people are directly between the trees. It’s a really cool shot, but the only thing I would fix is the white balance. Good job!

The lines in this photo are great. I also shot from this location, but didn’t get any as good as this. One thing you might change is that it looks really yellow, so you might want to play around with some settings

Caitlin – This picture is a great example of a picture within a picture. Although the white balance is slightly off here, which would be a way to improve the picture, I feel the soft lighting really illuminates the details of the branches and the shadows are beautiful.

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