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{February 22, 2010}   *Project #2*

Out of all of the photos that my group took for this project, this one was by far my favorite lighting scenario. This picture was taken at dawn, and I really like how soft the light is. Although the light is not very harsh or dramatic, I think that it does an excellent job of highlighting Kelly’s features and profile, without giving off a glare. This project was harder than the first one because you had to think about so many more factors than in the first project, but once we got the hang of it, it was a lot more fun than the first project as well.


The light looks beautiful! Definitely sunrise, right? This image would look better if the subject wasn’t cut off.

michiyaenglish says:

I love that she’s not centered in the picture and draws my eye out into the sky with her eyeline. I think next time you should be careful about having the model so close to the edge of the frame.

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I really like the background and the positioning of the model. Her eye line is really cool and helps draw my eye to the sky and background of the photo. I think if you had taken this so that you included her entire body the photo would have been even stronger, but you did a great job.

I like this photo because the model has an interesting eyeline and the background is really pretty. I think it would have been cool to see the model’s whole body in the shot.

janaefrazier says:

Nice angle ! I would have liked to see more of the model’s body. But other than that Great job and awesome lighting !

I love the subject. She looks so calm and cool (with those rockin’ shades!) I love the lighting in the background, it looks so cold. I just wish her elbow wasn’t cut off!

kobrien6 says:

I really like the negative space in this picture. The subject is looking just into the blue it looks like. I also like it that shes in the lower corner with the base of the picture, the bench. If I were to do this picture again I’d say making the horizon and bench even and straight would be the main issue. It looks a little tilted and it makes me a little unsteady, Alice in Wonderland feeling.

ahad47 says:

I like the soft lighting in this picture and how the subject’s dark jacket makes them pop out from the background. I would have included the subject’s elbow and rest of jacket to make the person feel more like a whole person.

astevens7 says:

I like the setup of this picture with the light from the sky and the postion of the girl. the only thing I would suggest would be to square up the framing a little more.

Cool picture, but it looks a little out of focused or grainy to me. The subject has a really good look on her face and makes for an interesting picture.

The lighting in this picture is great, although it does look a little grainy. The only thing I would change would be to not cut off her body parts, but otherwise this is a great picture.

Sarah Carideo says:

I like the contrast of the dark coat and light sky in this. The sky is a little over exposed, and I’d like to have a little more of the blue in it. Also, this is just a personal preference like what we talked about in class, but if the line of the bench was straight it would be a more stable image.

I really like the angle that this picture was taken at because it is much different than the other pictures. I also like the contrasting colors. One thing to watch would be the exposure of the horizon line

I think this photo is a great example of interesting composition. The majority of the weight is on the left side of the photo and draws the audience’s eye directly towards the model. To improve, think about the rule of thirds more – something in the upper right corner would have made this even better.

I really like this photo. I think a re-adjustment of the aperture might have been in order to account for the rising sun, and the ISO may have been a tad high. Otherwise, I love the picture because the angle and the contrast as well as the slightly balance look.

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