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{March 8, 2010}   *Project #4*

I really enjoyed this project because it gave me the opportunity to not only make an ad for something that I love, but also to be as creative as I wanted. When trying to decide what I would make an advertisement on, I thought about using one of the pictures from our product shoot for Project #3, but I decided that I would rather choose something different. I decided to do my project on the Boston Red Sox, simply because it’s something I love and it’s the organization or product that I have the most pictures of. I used two of my own pictures for this advertisement, one of the Red Sox mascot, Wally, and one of all of the broadcasting booths and the Fenway Park sign.

The three Photoshop tools that I used the most in this project were the magnetic magic wand, the eyedropper, and the random shape. I had to use the magnetic magic wand in order to cut the body of Wally out of the picture that he was in so that I could copy and paste him into the advertisement. I was happy with the final product, but I wish that the cutout of him looked a little smoother. I used the eyedropper a lot in this project because I wanted to ensure that all the colors in the picture were the same. The background, the text, and the logo are all colored with the same shades of blue and red, the Red Sox colors. Lastly, I used the random shape tool a few times during this project in order to make the new Red Sox logo.

While I’m happy with the way this advertisement came out, there are some things that I wish I could have fixed, like the color of the sky in the Fenway Park picture. I saturated the color of the sky slightly, but when I tried to do more, the sky became unreal looking, so I had to stop. I tried a few other things, but nothing worked the way I wanted, so I decided to keep it the way it was. All in all, I enjoyed working on this project and getting to know the Photoshop basics.


Good job with the lasso tool! You did a great job with the color scheme, even if it is a little too dark.

janaefrazier says:

I think you did a great job with incorporating two pictures. I really like how the mascot looks like he is looking directly at the text which makes me want to look at the text too. Good job!

I love fenway park! this ad captures the essence of a Sox game and I really like it. If I were to improve one thing it would be to make the entire ad a little brighter, but otherwise great job!

kobrien6 says:

I like it that you used all the red and blues that the Red Sox are so famous for. I don’t know how I feel about the gradient background. I think you can make something that is more stunning if you do it again. But this really captures the feeling of baseball.

ahad47 says:

Being from Boston, I was thrilled to see an ad for the Sox. I think the colors of the ad are perfect, but I think the picture in the middle looks a little bit out of place. Some sort of drop shadow or border could have made this a more natural integration throughout the ad.

michiyaenglish says:

I love the progression of the background colors. I like that you didn’t center all of the text.

Sarah Carideo says:

I like the consistent colors in this ad, but at the same time they make the image a little dark and lightening the photograph could have helped that.

I love that your ad is for a team, so it was really different than anyone else’s. I thought that the color scheme was fantastic. I just wish the picture was a little bit brighter!

It’s hard to see some of the text, but otherwise I really like the color scheme you chose. Your lasso work is impressive!

The colors are cool, especially the contrast of background and text. The contrast matched the photo perfectly although it was a little dark.

astevens7 says:

I like this ad because I like the sox a lot and it makes me wish I was at one of their games. I think you did a good job with the colors and the font matched perfectly.

I love the continuity of colors in your advertisement. I think an outer glow or drop shadow would have taken this one step further, and would have set the text apart from the background.

The font in this ad is great! The colors also add to the ad’s appeal. You really captured the essence of the Red Sox. The slogans are also great. The only criticism I have would be to lighten the text at the bottom – it’s kind of hard to read. But otherwise great job!

I like this ad because I love baseball. While i am not a fan of the Red Sox i still understand the history in Fenway. I just wish it was a little brighter but good job

You were very smooth with the lasso tool. I wish the color was a little better on the photo of the press boxes but I like the framing of the shot.

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I like the idea you had for the background the colors are really cool. I also really like the font…I would have to agree with Prof. Triche though about having the mascot facing us straight on but overall great job!

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