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{April 7, 2010}  

I thought that this project was really interesting but it was really difficult to get everything together. A couple of my friends are roommates and they are *always* fighting over the thermostat so I thought it would be really authentic to make my movie about one of their fights. I decided that my friend Lauren would be the protagonist because usually I side with her during their fights. I made her the protagonist through a couple of different ways. One way I did this was by having her doing homework in the movie, while her roommate Katie is watching TV. Also, when Lauren was changing the thermostat, she kept changing it to the same temperature, while Katie kept increasing it just to make Lauren mad. In the end, I showed the viewers that Lauren was the protagonist by having her win the fight and locking Katie outside the apartment.


This was a creative spin on something that i know happens a lot in dorms. I know i have fought with my roommate about the temperature, so i was glad someone did a similar story. I would just watch out for too much text, instead try to get pictures of the thermostat because they will keep the flow of the story going. Great job though!

Your photostory made me laugh because it is essentially the story of my life with my suite-mates and our thermostat – no one can agree!

I liked that you implemented text into your story. That made the plot/context really clear to the viewer. Next time, try to emphasize the conflict more. It would have been humorous if Lauren was sweating because the temperature was so high, or something of that nature.

kobrien6 says:

This is totally me and my mom, but I don’t lock my mom out of my house. Good lighting, but I don’t think you need to introduce your characters as much as you did. But really, great job!

I thought that adding text made your photostory different from all of the other ones, which is really cool. It also helped to clarify your story line and make your production easy to follow!

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I thought you did a great job at your story. I liked the creative spin at the end where you lock her out….good job!

ahad47 says:

Although some of the shots were a little repetitive, the story overall was really well done and the expressions on their face were really telling to their emotions.

I could relate to this story… there has been more than one temperature argument in my dorm! Some photos were redundant, like when the one girl is studying.

This plot, protagonist, and antagonist in this story were very clear. I really like how you added what temperature it was. Some of the shots were really similar, but overall it was good!

The story line and the protagonist and antagonist in this photostory were very obvious. I wish though, that you would have shown the girl who was cold wearing sweatshirts and cold weather gear, instead of shorts and a tank… it would have made the story more believable.

Sarah Carideo says:

You executed this project very well by making the characters and conflict very clear. I’d suggest varying the shots more and having cutaway shots of the thermostat.

janaefrazier says:

I loved your story ! College students can definitely relate! It’d been cool if your characters were maybe dressed differently to really get the message of how they felt ! But excellent !

very clever! I thought it was well done and the text between pictures definitely made the point clear.

astevens7 says:

I thought that your photostory was really funny at the end. It was impressive that you could create humor just from photo’s.

michiyaenglish says:

I liked that you used the temperatures to help tell the story. It made the plot and ending funny.

It was really funny. I totally agree with Michiya.

This was a really funny story and the way you used temperatures was very creative.

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