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{April 19, 2010}  

I really enjoyed doing this project because it was interesting to listen to someone talk about something he loves so much. Interviewing someone was a little awkward at the beginning, but after a while, it got more and more comfortable. I really like that our interview isn’t really dry and that it contains a lot of humor. I think that was one of the things that we set out to accomplish at the beginning, and we were successful.


I laughed so hard during this video! It was so funny! I was reminded of my brother, who is also a hardcore gamer. The actors’ tones made them seem so serious about gaming, which is how a lot of people actually feel about it in real life.

kobrien6 says:

This was a really cute idea. Very funny and good angle to the story. I’ve always heard never to shoot in dorms so be careful about backgrounds and such. Great job.

This was so funny! I loved the idea. I just wish that you included some B-roll of him actually playing/getting really into video games. Otherwise, great job!

janaefrazier says:

So So So funny! I loved the interviewee ! Watch out for timing of course, but I loved the entire video ! The roommate was hilarious by the way ! NICE!

I really enjoyed your video Caitlin! It was clear your subject loved what he was talking about. Very humorous. Next time, think about getting some different angles.

this interview was so funny! it was really clever – I just wish you had positioned him with something video gamed theme. Great interview!

This was so funny! Like Steph said, it reminded me of my brother too! I can definitely relate. Your b-roll was good, but I wish you added more video of him actually playing the games and yelling at the screen.

This was such a great film because it is something that many people can relate to. You got such a good testimony from both of the actors. Also you got great B-Roll so great job with that. I just hope that the roommate doesnt get hurt anymore!

ahad47 says:

This was a really cool project and really entertaining to watch. The only thing I would change would be the length because it kind of got repetitive after a while.

michiyaenglish says:

I like that you added the second person to emphasize the gamer’s problem. It was funny to hear their opposing stories.

astevens7 says:

Like others in the class im glad there was a humerous feel to your video. I thought you all did a great job in editing.

Sarah Carideo says:

This was so funny and I liked that you had an additional interview about the main person. It was hard for you to have b-roll because its similar shots of the game but I think you did a great job. It was a little dark though.

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I really liked that it was funny and interesting at the same time. The points with your interview were a bit dark but it must have been difficult trying not to get a gleam on the tv at the same time so I can appreciate that part of it. I really liked your overall product! Nice job.

This was a great mocumentary about gaming and definitely had me laughing. One thing you might want to look at is not filming in front of a window though

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