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{April 26, 2010}   *Project #8*

This project was extremely interesting, and a little more complicated than I expected. Thankfully, we had really good actors who wanted to get all the shooting done right the first time. If we had had someone who didn’t want to be there, it would have been a lot worse. It was a little difficult at times to direct our actors to do certain things, but overall I’d say it was a good shoot.


janaefrazier says:

Very cute idea ! I loved the heart ! Some of the footage was a little unnecessary like in the beginning where she opened the letter twice. However, I do like the fact that the girl accidentally gives the note to Joe by accident ! NICE!

kobrien6 says:

Cute idea. I thought it was funny, but at the end it seemed like you didn’t know how to end it. Maybe also get a few more close ups.

Your video was cute. I liked the idea of the paper airplane, but I wish we could have seen the girl throw it. I also really liked the music.

A few of your shots were stretched out and I got a little bit confused at times. I liked the overall storyline though, it was really cute.

michiyaenglish says:

This video was cute and I think you were trying to give us angles with the repetitive shots of the paper so I didn’t have an issue with that.

lizskube says:

I really like the music in your movie. Watch out for small details like showing too much footage of him opening the note, and then it cuts to him again and its open. but great story line

anastasiaromanowicz says:

I liked your film and the music choice was very well done. I would just try to make some shots more clear like a side shot of her flicking the paper…but overall nice job, it turned out great!

Sarah Carideo says:

I liked the variety of shots and the over the shoulder ones were especially appropriate. I didn’t understand the last scene and it went on for way too long so I’d suggest just omitting that.

Your video was very creative. It would have been even better if we would have seen the paper football being made, it would have been a lot clearer.

This project was really funny. I liked the note that was passed. I think the only place that needed fixing was the angle of the shot when the paper football was being made / thrown.

I really enjoyed your film and think you guys deserve more credit than what you received in class. I understood the flying paper and how it got from the girl to the guy. Next time work on finding a better, more creative location. Give the audience a place they haven’t seen before.

This was a great film and a very creative idea. Your actors were good and seemed to work well together. One thing would be to make the girl leaving more dramatic.

This was a very clever idea for a short film. One thing I would have liked to see differently is the flicking of the paper scene.

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