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{May 10, 2010}   *Final Project*

I was really happy with that way that my final project turned out, even though I had to make some changes to it. I had a lot of problems putting my ideas down on paper, because I was a little limited with what I could do on Photoshop. I quickly found out what types of things I was capable of, and then applied them to my project. Although it was a little annoying and time-consuming, I like that I was challenged by this project. I loved that I could be as creative as I wanted in doing this project.

I’ve learned so much from taking this class over the past few months. It has been by far my most informative class here at Elon, and even though it was a lot of work, I feel so accomplished after doing everything that we’ve done. I feel a lot more prepared for my more advanced classes and I can’t wait to build on the skills I’ve learned in Digital Media Convergence. I think the most important thing I learned while taking COM 220, was what it takes to work with other people. In the real world, the majority of huge projects in the Communications field require many people, and working on a team is an invaluable skill. I’ve learned that it takes patience and compromise in order to get something done. Everyone has different opinions and views, and it’s important to listen to everyone, and decide what it best for your project.


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