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    As a die-hard Patriots fan, even I had to admit by the end of tonight’s game that we did not deserve to win. After dominating most of the first half of the game, the Pats came back after halftime and completely shut down. People can say that we were missing Gronkowski, but the truth is that nobody stood up and made plays in the second half of the game. By the middle of the fourth quarter, it was obvious by the looks on all the player’s faces that they had as much faith in themselves as the fan’s did back home. All in all, this was the worst second half performance by the Patriots that I’ve ever seen. Better luck next year hopefully.

    On another note, Bernard Pollard a.k.a “The Patriot Killer” was at it again tonight. After putting Brady, Welker and Gronk out with injuries over the years, he put a particularly vicious hit on Stephen Ridley in the fourth quarter. Ridley then left the game with a head injury, but in my opinion it could have been a lot worse.

Now we all get to hear “Harbaugh Bowl” for the next two weeks. Torture.


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