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{February 8, 2010}   *Photo Analysis*

I chose this picture after we were asked to pick the photograph that we liked the most out of all the photos collected by our classmates. The bright colors and the contrast of the different shades of color in the picture immediately caught my eye. This photograph is also appealing because of the natural, low placement of the horizon line. The sky is the main focus in this picture and takes up approximately two-thirds of the frame. Another feature of this picture that works to draw the eye in is the frame within a frame made by the trees and hammock. They naturally frame the mountains in the background of the photo, and this shows the person looking at the picture what is important. The lines of the trees are very dynamic, which makes the photo more interesting. One of my favorite features about this picture is the way that the image appears so sharp because of the overwhelming amount of natural light. This is a beautiful photograph because of so many different elements working together.


{February 5, 2010}   First post

This is my first post on my new blog 🙂

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